Nodova Jewellery

Handcrafted By Artisan Jewellers In The Mountains of Ecuador

Nodova jewellery is handcrafted by the Kishwa women’s cooperative in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

It seamlessly combines the ethically sourced tagua nut with Fair trade business practices.

The jewellery is 100% handmade and natural.

The Nodova story started when Elodie (the founder of Nodova) visited a small village in Ecuador. She witnessed the local women tending the farms and selling the produce in the market. After seeing how hardworking these women were she decided to set up the Kishwa women’s cooperative.

She took former housewives, farmers, and market traders and taught them how to expertly craft jewellery. Due to living in such a male-dominated society this had to be kept secret. The 5 courageous women that trained with Elodie were to become artisan jewel crafters.

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