About us

About us is more about me (business owner and one person operation) and the “us” part is all the friends and family that volunteered to help make my dream a reality and launch this small company. Also, this a good way to start talking without referring to myself in the third person.

It all started as a dream many years ago and now I have to double check that I am not dreaming and this is finally a reality. When you dream the same thing for so long when it actually happens I guess it takes time to sink in that now it is a reality.

Since I was young growing up in Cyprus I always loved fashion and wanted to have my own line but I was always told that my head is in the clouds and life is not fluffy clouds and rainbows.  Therefore, I decided the one other thing I always loved and still love as much as fashion is people, so I decided to become a psychologist.

I managed to study for only a year before life happened and I had to quit my studies and move to another country. After that, I was busy raising my two children and supporting my husband and his military career.

Over the years I had various jobs and met some incredible people and learned a lot along the way but always had this spark of owning my own fashion business but never the right time to do anything about it. The last four years we have settled on the south coast of England where I have had the pleasure and honour of working at an orthodontic clinic with the most amazing team and clinician. The practice owner and the business coach played a big role in my personal growth and with their support and encouragement I found the courage to finally take steps to start my own business. I realized the only thing that was stopping me was fear which was irrational in a way and unless I took action my dream will always remain a dream and never become a reality.

Last year I took the first step which was registering my business after that I needed stock so I began going to trade shows trying to find the right products that in a way spoke to me and I hope you will like.

The first trade show was in London then Los Angeles and finally Madrid. I got the chance to meet some great ethical brands like Nodova, their jewellery is handmade by the women’s cooperative in Equador using Tagua Nut which is sustainably harvested from the Amazonian forests. Nodova gives part of its profits to finance education in Equador. The trade show in Madrid was the biggest but also my favourite with too much selection, it was truly magnificent and again I made some great contacts and one of my favourite brands is Protos. Protos is owned by two amazing sisters and their jewellery is inspired by their travels in Europe, India, and Thailand. The sister duo are so passionate but also so humble despite their huge success. My sister and I immediately hit it off with them despite the small language barrier.

Through my years I have changed and grown a lot but also a lot of things were made clear and simple to me. I know what makes me happy but also I found a purpose. What is really close to my heart is helping, inspiring and empowering people and my goal is to be able to do it through my brand and your support.

I hope you love the products as much as I do and you stick with me in this new chapter that has only just begun.